“Seeing Stars” by Amanda Konstantine

Amanda Konstantine Perlmutter is a self-taught mixed media artist who is in the process of exposing her strictly red, black, & white series of art work titled “Impulse”. Her art work & photography was featured in the “Twelve Lives in Queens County” exhibition in 2010. Amanda is currently majoring in dance at Queensborough Community College.

More about this series from the artist: “Impulse” is a collection of strictly red, black, & white mixed media pieces that I have been working on for a few years now. The pieces I’ve created have been widely useful as a tool of introspection & helping me grow as a person. Without the expression I’ve poured into this series, I’d have gone through life carrying the burdens they represent rather than letting them out so that they can be shared with others. Each piece I’ve created has a specific story or emotion behind it, but I hope that when people see what I’ve put on paper & canvas that they can draw connections to their own experiences & give what they see in my work a new meaning for them personally.